Jolly Roger Diving

Puerto Lindo, Panama


Contact Us:
Jolly Roger Diving S.A.
Puerto Lindo, Colon, Panama.
Driving: 1.3km on road to Cacique from Puerto Lindo.
Panama: +1 (507) 6834-1895
USA Skype: +1 (206) 923-9322
WhatsApp: +1 (206) 459-2011
GPS: N: 9.608831 W: -79.593762

Our Location:
We are located near the small village of Puerto Lindo, Colon, Panama, approximately a 2 hour’s drive from Panama City and Tocumen International Airport (PTY). Our dive center sits on the bay of Puerto Lindo with direct access to the Caribbean. Our closest dive sites are within a 3 minute boat ride where you can find stingray, scorpionfish, seahorses and more.

Getting Here:
Multiple methods for transportation in and around Panama are available to you. From renting your own car, hiring a taxi or shuttle, mass transportation or let us handle it for you.

Driving in Panama can be a bit challenging as traffic within Panama City can be extremely bad. Drivers rarely use turn signals and many vehicles do not have working lights (including brake lights). If you are not a timid driver and use more aggressive driving techniques, you will have little problems navigating within the city. We strongly urge you to download and utilize the navigation app "Waze". This is essential in finding your way to destinations as there are no street addresses within Panama.

Local taxis are a quick easy method to utilize nearly everywhere in Panama. It is very important to negotiate the price before getting in the cab. Travel to/from Tocumen Airport to any of the Hotels within Panama City should cost no more than $35. We can arrange transportation to/from Tocumen Airport or Panama City to your Puerto Lindo hotel.

Mass transportation can be quite an experience. Within Panama City there are the metro busses and the mass transit lines which are extremely reasonable in prices. Outside of the city we have what is called "Diablo Rojo's" which are school busses that have been repainted and are extremely colorful. We strongly urge you to bring ear plugs when riding on a Diablo as it is very typical to have "very" loud music playing. (loud music is the Panamanian way)

Our Transportation Services: We can provide you with transportation to/from Tocumen International Airport, Panama City and Puerto Lindo at reasonable rates. Once here in Puerto Lindo we provide pickup and drop-off before and after diving each day. For other transportation in the local area taxis are available and there are a few private taxis that can be hired for reasonable rates.