Jolly Roger Diving

Puerto Lindo, Panama


Los Farallones

Located on the "gold coast" of Panama, Jolly Roger Diving sits in the middle of Portobelo National Park. Park rules limit fishing to sustenance fishing by the locals so we have no commercial operations within the park boundaries. Being located within a large park has additional benefits as all of our dive sites are absolutely beautiful, with untouched corals and full of sea life.

With over 30km/15mi of coastline including over two dozen islands and seamounts. We have dive sites from beginner level to advanced including some for the technical divers.

An additional benefit of diving with us is we are the only dive center that has a house reef directly accessible from the shore. Simply grab a tank and you along with your dive buddy can explore down to 12m/40'. Our reef has resident Spotted Drums, Lobster, Octopus, Crab, soft corals, hard corals, sponges and thousands of other fish species.

We have hundreds of species of fish, coral, and invertebrates. Sharks, rays, eel, lobster, crab, octopus, seahorses… so much to see that we can’t list them all. Our vast array of marine life is never a disappointment. Come and join us on your next Panama adventure!

If diving isn’t your thing, we have Kayak rentals to explore the local mangroves where you can go through the “tunnel of love”, a 1/2km long tunnel through the mangroves.