Jolly Roger Diving

Puerto Lindo, Panama


Located in the heart of the gold coast and Portobelo National Park provides us with some of the best diving in all of Panama. With numerous reefs rich with sea life, offshore sea mounts, and numerous islands to dive around we have dozens of dive sites waiting for you to explore.

Whether you join us for a day or longer we have the dive site just for you. We select dive sites based upon weather, sea conditions, our customers diving experience and the type of diving you wish to do.
We have the only all aluminum dive boat in the area with dual Yamaha 150hp motors. On board we have emergency Oxygen, AED, First Aid Kit, Emergency medical backboard, along with all the required safety equipment.

Divers may follow our in-water guide or if desired dive your own dive within site parameters (depth & time)

Please visit our forms page and download the necessary forms for the activity that you will be particiapating in.

Our diving season:
Here in panama we are subject to the weather patterns and as such we have identified parts of the year in which the ability to go out diving are much lower than other times of the year. We recognize that planning a dive vacation for a week or two and due to weather / sea conditions be able to go out one or two days would be extremely disappointing. Therefore, we target those months to do maintenance and catchup on projects that we have.

November - February:
Closed for dive tours
- We are open for Air Fill and other services on a limited basis (please contact us to before arriving).
Starting in November we enter into our "Monsoon" season with lots of rain and many holidays which makes diving hit-miss. As we progress into December through February, we have the seasonal high winds with big swells that drop our visibility throughout the area to less than 5 meters (15 feet). When swells are over 2 meters it can make many of our dive sites extremely difficult and dangerous.

Depending on weather and sea conditions we may have diving available for last minute bookings - please check with us before arriving!

March - June:
March through June are absolutely our best months of diving. The summer winds have dried out the county and the rains that come through are short bursts that typically do not affect the visibility. With the lower winds brings lower swells on the sea in that sometimes the seas are as calm as an inland lake.

July - October:
July through October bring in more rains but typically we find that these do not cause us any issues with diving. If we do get a heavy rain that closes some of our close in dive locations we can venture further out to the offshore islands and seamounts for excellent diving.

Please note: The months listed above are based upon years of "typical" weather patterns in the area. With the changing world-wide climate patterns, we are seeing changes to our local weather patterns. During November of 2018 we had phenomenal diving conditions which is definitely not typical!