Jolly Roger Diving

Puerto Lindo, Panama

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Rainbow Reef (Jolly Roger Diving - House Reef)
9°36'34.9"N 79°35'38.6"W / 9.609681, -79.594047
As the only dive center with shore diving our house reef is known as a great nursery and numerous spotted drums.
Maximum depth: 12m/40'.

Los Farallones (The Fishbowl)
9°38'38.5"N 79°38'12.3"W / 9.644014, -79.636738
Known for the abundance of fish life ranging from deep water pelagic to reef fish this site never disappoints in the amount of fish that we are able to see on every dive.
Dive depth for best viewing is 10m-18m (30'-60'). Sloping bottom to over 30m/100'.

Mainland (North Point)
9°38'06.1"N 79°32'12.9"W / 9.635026, -79.536917
The most northern point of Panama provides us with great diving.
Maximum depth: 25m/82'.

Isla Grande (North Cove)
9°38'20.9"N 79°33'44.0"W / 9.639132, -79.562216
Wonderful reef system with plenty of sea life to see.
Maximum depth: 12m/40'.

Isla Grande (North Cove)
9°38'22.9"N 79°33'21.4"W / 9.639690, -79.555954
Boulders from the island above have created lots of places for fish.
Maximum depth: 18m/60'.

Isla Tambor (North Face)
9°38'48.8"N 79°33'48.4"W / 9.646890, -79.563451
Wonderful site with plenty of fish life with large barrel sponges. Known as the deeper depths for fields of feather stars.
Dive depth for best viewing is 10m-15m (30'-50'). Feather star fields are at 25m/82'.

Isla Tambor (The Pass)
9°38'39.4"N 79°33'42.2"W / 9.644272, -79.561713
Shallow dive as we traverse through the pass between Isla Grande and Isla Tambor.
Maximum depth: 12m/40'.

Isla Linton (La Punta)
9°37'04.4"N 79°35'26.6"W / 9.617875, -79.590734
Protected dive location that is known for sightings of yellow and brown seahorses.
Maximum depth: 15m/50'.

Isla Linton (Sea Mount)
9°37'41.5"N 79°35'18.3"W / 9.628195, -79.588420
This sea mount starts at 3 meters and drops down to 25 meters.
Maximum depth: 25m/82'.

Tres Hermanas (North Islands)
9°35'54.5"N 79°40'05.9"W / 9.598481, -79.668295
Numerous dive sites here as we can explore the reef channels. Many soft and hard corals, sponges and spotted drums.
Maximum depth: 25m/82'.

Isla Drake
9°33'40.0"N 79°41'06.2"W / 9.561115, -79.685064
Named after Captain Drake whose body is reported to be in a lead coffin somewhere off the coast of Isla Drake.
Maximum depth: 25m/82'.