Jolly Roger Diving

Puerto Lindo, Panama


The good stuff!
None other than FOOD! There are many small shacks setup to eat in as every Panamanian "thinks" they know how to cook. The reality is that most will cook a fish till it's well done, then proceed to cook it longer just in case it's not "well done". Which leaves you with a dried-out carcass of something that resembles a freeze-dried fish stick. Fortunately, we have narrowed down the list of places that serve good food so you don't have to gamble on "freeze-dried fish sticks".

Panaderia Rico Rico Bakery and Restaurant. (Portobelo) - When in Portobelo this is a must stop for absolutely the best espresso in Panama. The owner is a local legend as she had a tv cooking show here in Panama. The baked goods are very good and upstairs is a wonderful restaurant with many specials changing every day.

Full Moon Pizza (Cacique) - Absolutely one of our favorites! A local couple hosts a pizza party on the night of the Full Moon (hence the name). Set in the jungle with a wood fired oven each pizza is crafted directly in front of you. When it comes out of the oven it is sliced up and brought around for everyone to enjoy a bite. This is a great night of socializing with excellent Italian style pizza. Cost $15 and includes all the pizza you can eat and the first beverage. Advance reservations are required as it is a very popular event. For those with a large group a special night of pizza can be organized.
Tata's Pizza (Portobelo) - As the daughter of the Panaderia Rico Rico Tata's Pizza has the best dough in town. Sit down for dinner enjoy one of the fresh made pizza's and watch the town. Located on the main square across from the customs house.
El Castillo (Portobelo) - Believe it or not this place has amazing Pad Thai! But that's not all, so sit down order drink from the full bar and enjoy dinner with a view of Portobelo bay and the Caribbean. Located west of town about 5 minutes on the water.
Panamarina (Cacique) - Located in the Panamarina facility the restaurant here has daily specials and a full bar. Serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 6 days a week (closed on Sundays). Proceed past the Jolly Roger Diving facility for about 3km and it will be on your right. Just look for the sailboats. Please close the gate behind you after you enter.
Casa X (Puerto Lindo) - Located on the water at the head of the bay of Puerto Lindo you can get a decent meal with a view of Purto Lindo bay.
Isla Grande - There are numerous bars and restaurants on Isla Grande so take time to explore and enjoy yourselves.