Jolly Roger Diving

Puerto Lindo, Panama


Getting signed up for your next diving course with Jolly Roger Diving

You will often hear us say “Do it right, or don’t do it.” This is our mantra on everything we do. From ensuring that our dive center has quality equipment, phenomenal air quality and training programs that exceed industry standards. We focus on making every interaction with our customers an excellent experience. We will choose not to go diving because of poor conditions from either visibility or potential safety issues. Having someone get sick due to high swells or waves is not fun for anyone.

When conducting courses, we take this mantra and it becomes our course philosophy to provide the knowledge, skills, experience and equipment to give every student a strong feeling of accomplishment knowing they not only met the requirements of the course but exceeded them. We do this by providing ample time for each student to become comfortable with new equipment, master the diving skills and learn the details within the academics. Each skill is practiced until it becomes fluidly comfortable and second nature to you. If you need a little more time to master a skill or just simply want to practice a few more times we can and will take the time to “do it right. .

Our focus is not on certifications but on training, which is why we are the #1 SSI Dive Center in Panama.

What our courses include:

Online Academics.
Instruction Fees.
Certification Fees: Online certifications cards via MySSI app.
Diving: Shore or Boat dives as required.
Equipment: Tanks, Weights and items specific to each course.
Rental equipment is included for all recreational diving courses: BCD, Regulator, Mask, Fins, Snorkel, Wetsuit.
  (Professional course participants are to have their own equipment.)

Complimentary add-on’s:

Included with every training package or single course of $200 or more is your choice of one Ecology Specialty: (Coral Identification, Fish Identification, Marine Ecology, Sea Turtle Ecology or Shark Ecology.) Please let us know which course you would like to take.

Included with all training courses is the DAN (Divers Alert Network) Prepared Diver online course.

Course Prices:

Please review our training prices page for a list of courses and packages available. If you do not see a course listed or a combination of courses listed that you’re interested in please email us.

Scheduling Courses:

Within our course offerings there are diving and non-diving courses. Many of the non-diving courses are completed in one day whereas the diving courses typically are two days or more. Please review our dive training page for more information of each course.

All of our courses are offered with no preset schedule so please email us with the dates that you wish for your course selection and we will verify that we have the dates available to conduct the course.

Before you can begin any course onsite you must have all the required paperwork and online academics completed. Failure to do so can result in your course being delayed or potentially canceled.

Registering with SSI:

To participate in any SSI course, you must have a diver profile account with SSI. This is required to participated in the online academics. Please visit and click on the login button in the top right and create a profile using the links.
NOTE: Do not leave the mailing address blank. A mailing address, regardless if you are able to receive mail, is required to receive certifications.

Once you have a profile created you then need to associate yourself with “Jolly Roger Diving” #750434 located in Panama.

Medical Statement:

Medical Statements are valid for 12 months from the date they are signed. Students may participate in multiple SSI training programs within the 12 months without completing another form. If the student becomes ill or injured within the 12 months, they must complete a new Medical Statement prior to any in-water activities. Please download a Medical Statement from our forms page.

When completing the Medical Statement, you MUST answer each question on your past or present medical history with a YES or NO. Answering with a “Y” or “N” is invalid and will require you to complete the form again. If you are unsure of any question, answer YES. You ONLY need to see a medical professional If you have answered YES to any question. *NOTE: All professional level courses require a medical professional to sign the Medical Statement.

We recommend that even if you are not planning on doing any training to keep the medical form updated and current as some dive centers may have you show them a valid medical statement prior to taking you diving. This is especially important if you ever answer “yes” to any of the questions.

Once you have your medical form completed please scan it or take a picture of it and email it to us for a quick review before uploading it to your SSI profile.

Tuition Payment:

Payments for courses are accepted via PayPal. A PayPal invoice will be sent to you via email. Once payment has been received, we will assign your course materials.

Accessing your course(s):

Accessing your course(s) is done directly through a web browser on your computer or I strongly suggest that you download the MySSI app onto your mobile device. When using the MySSI app I suggest utilizing a WIFI connection to download the course content as it can take a significant amount of time if you do not have a strong cellular signal. Once downloaded the MySSI app will allow you to access all of your course materials. As you progress through the courses the APP will upload the completed content when you have a connection to the internet. This can be either via your Data connection or via WIFI. The MySSI app has many additional features available including direct access to your certification cards.

Additional Forms:

All particiapants are required to fill out the necessary paperwork (forms) which can be accessed on our forms page and download the necessary forms for the activity that you will be particiapating in.