Jolly Roger Diving

Puerto Lindo, Panama


Here at Jolly Roger Diving we believe that providing great training is essential! Our philosophy is to always exceed the minimum standards for every course offered by providing students with the knowledge, skills, equipment and experience to excel. We believe reaching excellence in diving is a partnership between the instructor and the student, working together to surpass all the minimum requirements of each course then push for excellence. With new divers this means we provide ample time for each student to become comfortable in the water and practice skills until they feel confident that they have mastered them. With our more advanced courses our partnership between the instructor and student is to reach a much higher level of excellence. We want every diver that leaves here to look back on their training knowing they received the best possible training and feel great about their accomplishments.

SSI Logo

SSI (Scuba Schools International) and Jolly Roger Diving have teamed up as the #1 SSI Instructor Training Center in Panama! We offer SSI Courses starting with Basic Diver to Instructor. Select any of the courses listed on the SSI - Training page to get a more in depth look at each course.

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DAN (Divers Alert Network) First Aid Programs help prepare divers to respond to real world emergencies. Developed by medical experts, DAN’s courses are easy to understand and designed to provide you with the skills and confidence you need to respond in emergency situations. DAN first aid courses prepare divers to manage injuries related to scuba diving. All courses meet the ILCOR and AHA 2015 guidelines.

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SDI (Scuba Diving International) Visual Inspection Procedure course is for anyone that works with high pressure cylinders. Training meets and/or exceeds all requirements as set forth by governing agencies; OSHA, CGA and DOT, as it relates to HAZMAT.