Jolly Roger Diving

Puerto Lindo, Panama


Being in the heart of the gold coast of panama definitely has its advantages. From great snorkeling, swimming, kayaking and a multitude of other things to do will keep you busy for days!

At the dive center:
Snorkeling: As the only dive center with shore diving, we also have available some great snorkeling. There is plenty of other snorkeling areas within the region so don't hesitate to ask us where to go. We can even arrange for a boat to take you to one of the more remote snorkeling reefs.
Kayaking: The Jolly Roger Diving facility is located right next to the best kayaking within the whole area. Depart from our beach and within minutes you will be wandering through the mangroves and around the islands. We have single and double kayaks available for rent.

Islands and Beaches:
As you can see from the property, we are surrounded by islands! You can get a water taxi (lancha) from Puerto Lindo or from Cacique.
Isla Mamey – this small island is the island in front of the house just off to the left. It has a beautiful golden sandy beach and shallow calm waters for people to paddle or snorkel. There is absolutely nothing on this island so please make sure you take everything you need along with you. Isla Mamey is popular with Panamanians and tourists at the weekend, but through the week, you can sometimes have the whole island to yourself! The lancha costs $6 for the round trip and there is a $1 tax to help maintain the island, however, if you do go during the week you will have to wait for more people to fill the boat or be prepared to pay a bit more.
Isla Grande – 2km further past Puerto Lindo is Isla Grande which as you can guess by the name is the largest island on the coast. You can find a whole host of restaurants and cafes here. There is also a nice beach which again has relatively calm waters most of the year and can be good for snorkeling. You can also follow the path all the way round the island, past the Black Christ and up to the light house which has a nice view of the bay below. Prices are $15 per person for a round trip boat ride from Cacique or Puerto Lindo or $7 from La Guaira.

Isla Linton – Located to the right from the property this island is beautiful and can be admired from afar, but we recommend that you do not go onto the island. There are a few spider monkeys who inhabit the island and they have been known to be violent. Many lancha drivers will slow down as they go past or even go into the shore so you can see the monkeys up close, but please be careful if you choose to do this.
Beach at La Guaira – The beach here is small and looks out over Isla Grande. There are a few shops and restaurants close to the water’s edge. Most of the lanchas to Isla Grande go from La Guaira so it is normally a busy little fishing town with lots of people coming and going. It can get crowded and dirty at the weekends. Parking costs around $5.
Beach at Cacique – This is always one of the most bustling beach fronts at the weekend with local Panamanians enjoying the shallow waters and the view across the islands. There is a grassy shore at the edge of the village, but if you keep the sea on your right and carry on walking around the coast, you will come across a golden sandy beach with a few little paddling places. There is also some great snorkeling if you are brave enough to walk out over the sea grass – waders advised!
Beach at Nombre de Dios – If you head back towards Portobelo and take the road to Nombre de Dios after 6km, you will get a beautiful drive on a winding jungle road before getting to the small town of Nombre de Dios. Historically, this was an important port where the Spaniards took their gold from Panama City over to Europe before moving the departure point to Portobelo. This town is relatively unvisited and as such the beach is normally very quiet and clean.
Playa Blanca – easily one of the nicest beaches in the area, but only accessible by lancha, horseback or foot. This means it is usually also one of the quietest beaches in the area and is nearly always pristine (except sometimes at the end of a busy weekend). There is excellent snorkeling and the bay is relatively well protected from most weather conditions most of the year. You can take a lancha, hike or horse ride from Jose del Mar.

Portobelo Beaches – over the bay in Portobelo are a couple of lovely little beaches that are nestled away. These beaches can get busy at the weekends and all through high season. Talk to the lancha drivers in the area for more details. Prices start from $6 round trip.

Other Activities:
Portobelo – One of Panama's numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Explore the castle ruins, hike to the upper battlements or explore the town. Home to the world-famous Black Christ church which has its very own pilgrimage every year. The town is full of stories about pirates and gold and has some lovely old buildings.

Colon Locks - See the Panama Canal and the new Colon Gatun Locks. Finished in 1914 by the United States the locks have been a significant shortcut for transportation of goods between the Atlantic and the Pacific. In 2016 Panama completed a major expansion of the canal building larger locks to be able to fit much larger ships.

Horseback Riding – Ride the jungle, beaches, or both. – contact us for more details.
Beachcombing for shells - We are minutes away from one of the best beaches in the area for gathering great shells!
Ziplines - Although there are two zipline courses in the area and we can only recommend La Granja Campo y Aventura located near Colon as thier course is built and operated within international standards.